Why use a SARMA Member?

Sarma members have committed to the following:

1. On the Environment

Environmental Policy
SARMA recognizes that Environmental stewardship of our natural resources serves as the foundation of sustainable development.

Accordingly SARMA and its members commit their operations to:

  • Compliance to applicable legislation

  • Integrating environmental management in the day to day management functions

  • Reduce wastage and optimise recycling of products

  • Provide relevant environmental training and awareness to employees

  • Maintain communication channels with authorities, neighbours and affected parties

  • Participate in the SARMA environmental management program

2. On Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy

SARMA recognises that Health and Safety is the right of all those persons employed and affected by members operations.

Accordingly SARMA and its members commit their operations to:

  • Compliance to applicable health and safety legislation

  • Integrating health & safety management in the day to day management functions

  • Encourage a culture of health & safety among members

  • Provide relevant health & safety training and awareness to employees

  • Maintain communication channels with authorities, neighbours and affected parties

  • Participate in the SARMA SHREQ program

3. In regard to customers

Accordingly, the members of Sarma commit themselves and their organization to the following principles of business ethics.

  • to disclose relevant information regarding products and not to mislead customers about products

  • to charge the agreed price, or where no price was agreed, a fair price

  • to supply products timeously, and keep the customer informed of any delays in supply

  • to maintain standards of quality in accordance with understanding or any agreement made with the company

  • to provide a reasonable guarantee of conformation of the product to industry standards, and replace or otherwise make good any product which is below standard

  • to provide a ready means for the customer to lodge complaints about the quality of the products

  • to not to permit or condone any acts of bribery

  • to respect the confidentiality of sensitive producer or customer information

4. In regard to suppliers

Sarma members commit themselves

  • to inform a supplier of any bribe or attempted bribe by the supplier's personnel

  • to terminate dealings with any supplier that bribes or attempts to bribe our employees

  • to meet obligations to suppliers or creditors within any time agreed

  • to inform suppliers or creditors timeously of any inability to meet obligations, and to take account of the interests of suppliers or creditors when requesting an extension of time in which to pay

5. In regard to employees

Members commit themselves

  • to deal courteously with employees, having regard to cultural sensitivities and individual dignity

  • to give due attention to training and development of employees

  • to provide safe working conditions, including adequate machinery and equipment, protective clothing and competent supervision in terms of applicable legislation

  • to promote without discrimination, and provide opportunities for promotion

  • to recognize employees' efforts by fair remuneration and other means

  • to comply with laws governing labour relations and conditions of employment

  • to deal openly and fairly in collective bargaining with the employees or their representative

6. In regard to competitors
Members commit themselves

  • not to cast negative aspirations on a competitor or its products

  • to compete in the industry fairly and worth in the parameters of the law and accepted commercial competitive practice.

  • not to acquire confidential information of a competitor by suborning his employees, or for any other improper means.

  • not to contravene the competition legislation in any way,

7. In regards to society at large 

Members commit themselves

  • to pay due regard to safety, occupational and public health considerations

  • to participate within our means in projects that will uplift the community in which we operate to strive for excellence in our environmental management

8. In regard in setting standards and complying with them

The undertaking is that members will participate in the Sarma compulsory audit, ie.


The Rules of this program has also been agreed to by members:

  • All Sarma members are compelled to participate in the two program. Audits will be run every annually.

  • Plants will be accredited on an individual basis and not a member company as a blanket accreditation.

  • Plants that do not achieve accreditation shall be clearly defined and listed on the Sarma website.

  • A member or plant cannot display Sarma logo's before the plant has not yet been accredited.

  • Site batch plants, mobile plants and/or "project plants" can only be exempted from the programs subject to the following criteria:

  • Site establishment is temporary (less than 6 months)

  • Concrete from this plant is supplied to one customer only.

The plant is set up for a short period of less than 6 months. After 6 months the plant shall be audited and viewed as a permanent plant.

  • Only fully paid up members of Sarma may participate in this scheme, the levy that is paid to Sarma shall be paid before the end of February of each year. The calculation of the levy will be a true reflection of the previous years m3 sold for all plants, including non-accredited, site batching, project plants, etc.

  • New members and new plants of existing members will be allowed (6) six months after payment of levy to have the audit done on the plant. Members must advise Sarma of new plants. Plants being audited outside the normal audit cycle will be charged as per location and fee determined by Sarma Mancom.

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