Who may join SARMA?

Membership of Sarma is captured in the Sarma Constitution.


Classes of Membership

Sarma shall consist of the following classes of members:

1. Producer Membership

1.1 Producer membership of Sarma shall be open to every commercial producer in the industry in Southern Africa who is willing to abide by the rules of membership as set out below.

1.2 Each commercial producer, which has been operating for not less than six months or is registered with Sarma shall be entitled to one vote within the structure of Sarma. In the event of dispute as to what constitutes a producer, the decision of the AGM shall be final.

1.3 Any person representing a producer, provided such person is employed in the industry, shall be entitled to attend meetings and to be elected to any position within the structure of Sarma, as set out below.

2. Associate Membership

2.1 Suppliers to the industry and other companies, organisations or persons, who wish to be associated with Sarma may apply to the Mancom to become Associate members and may be admitted as Associate members at the discretion of the AGM.

2.2 Such Associate members shall be subject to all obligations and entitled to all benefits of membership, which shall include the right to attend conferences and participate in general meetings, regional meetings or other functions of Sarma except that such Associate members shall not be entitled to vote at AGM or Regcoms.

Producer and associate members shall pay such levies as the Mancom may determine from time to time.

Membership shall cease upon the member resigning its membership, or being suspended or expelled in terms of this Constitution or abandoning or discontinuing the business or interests, which entitled it to membership.

Producer Members of Sarma shall be bound by the following rules: -

1. A member will have to be a fully paid up member.
2. A member shall participate in and abide by the rules of the Sarma SHREQ Program every year.
3. The rules of the compulsory program as described above will be approved by AGM.

General Membership Provision

  1. Every application for admission as a Member shall be submitted to the Director in writing and shall be accompanied by such information as to assist the Director in determination membership subscriptions. The Director will then send the application to the Mancom for ratification.

  2. Any member who becomes insolvent or goes into liquidation shall ipso facto cease to be a member of Sarma.

  3. Any member may withdraw from Sarma by giving one month's notice in writing to the Director of his/her intention to do so, and upon expiry of the notice the member shall cease to be a member, provided that cessation of membership shall not release the member from any of his/her then existing liabilities to Sarma.

  4. A register of all members under their respective categorisation shall be maintained at the head office of Sarma.

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