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SHREQ audit panel for 2013

In order to minimise costs and improve Sarma's service to members, we have set up an audit panel to do the SHREQ audits for 2013.

The audit panel will comprise of the following auditors:

1. Pieter du Preez (Gauteng) - 0765063588 -
2. Karin Stanford (Western Cape) - 082 579 0198 / 021 975 1424 -
3. Monty Mare (Eastern Cape) - 0282729830 / 074 141 1628 -

The auditor's CV's are available on request, from Sarma.

Audit procedure:

Each member will have to choose an auditor, to audit each of thier plants. Members are not limited to using any specific auditor.

The member has to contact the auditor and arrange the times and dates for each audit within the specified time schedule, as set out below.

Plants will be audited using the Sarma audit document and the completed document and scores will be sent to Sarma for accreditation. The audit document is available from Sarma.

Each plant will also have the opportunity to rate the auditor on a seperate form, which will be given to the relevant person on the plant, by the auditor. This form will have to be submitted to Sarma, by the member. The plant scores will be treated confidentially and each plant will be given a compliant/non-compliant rating. Plants will have to achieve a 90% sub-minimum on the SANS 878 quality score and an over-all score of 80% to be compliant, and thus accredited.

Audit dates:

20/06/2013 - 23/08/2013

Suggested Audit fees:

R2500 per audit/plant
R5/km travelling fee, further than 50km from the auditors base
R750 subsistence per night, including dinner and accomodation